Our Values

DRIPLEX is a company driven by design, innovation, and quality. This is what drives us to perform every hour of everyday of every month.

We are a small company with a big heart. We hold ourselves responsible to act with integrity in all our business dealing with each of our stakeholders, those include – our employees, clients, and vendors.

Our people are the driving force of our organization and we as a company are blessed to have the best in the industry. Our relationship with them is that of trust and transparency.

As a company we are constantly seeking new product innovation that could drive customer satisfaction. Our goal through innovative designs is to reduce downtimes, increase efficiency or even reduce costs of our products.

We are committed to give our best each day and learn every day. This passion is what makes us learn and grow each day.

Our team is what makes us special. We are a team of experienced industry stalwarts who experience their leverage with the energy and zest of young technocrats. All work towards a common goal of delivering the best quality coupling at an attractive price.