Driplex Dry Break Couplings (DDC) (Dry Break Couplings/Dry Disconnect Couplings) are an internationally recognised and preferred hose/loading arm connection mechanism which acts as an NRV to seal off both the hose/loading arm and the fixed pipeline end after disconnection.

Our couplings are robustly designed and immaculately engineered for applications ranging from water, oil to extremely aggressive chemicals and gasses.

Driplex dry Break Couplings (DDC) are categorically required when your service media:

  • Unsafe for the environment and human personnel around.
  • Is expensive.
  • Difficult to clean in case of leakages.

How It Works

Attached to the Hose/Loading Arm. Also known as: Hose Unit Coupler Female Couplings

Attached to the Manifold. Also known as: Tank Unit Adaptor Male Couplings

Before Operation

During Operation

After Operation

Why Use Driplex Dry Break Couplings (DDC)


DDC’s have a mechanically operated valve design which eliminates the chances of spillage. This in turn increases human and environmental safely.

No Loss of Media

These couplings are technologically advanced which does not allow the transfer fluid to leak on disconnection, resulting into loss of media. Eliminating the use drain buckets.

Easy To Operate

There is an inbuilt swivel, hence only the handles need to be rotated. The valves open and shut automatically.

Flow Rate

Ergonomically designed couplings for excellent flow rates.