Introducing Driplex-45 couplings for the aviation sector. The cost-effective solution revolutionizing aviation fuel transfer. With its unique design, it offers an economical alternative to ISO 45 underwing refueling hose couplers, making it ideal for aviation fuel bunkering and transfers.

While not certified for underwing refueling, the Driplex-45 hose coupler seamlessly integrates with existing connections and supports all other transfer operations in the fuel logistics chain. Experience the reliability and versatility of Driplex-45 for efficient and secure fuel handling.

Features of Driplex-45 Couplings:

  • An economical alternative to standard ISO 45 hose couplers.
  • Automatic valve operation for effortless connection and disconnection.
  • Simple single-action operation, eliminating the need for additional levers or switches.
  • Valves are guaranteed to close securely before disconnection.
  • Minimal residual loss upon disconnection, optimizing fuel efficiency.
  • Capable of connecting and disconnecting under pressure and flow as required.
  • Exceptional reliability with a minimal number of moving parts.
  • Robust construction without any external operational components.

In Operation

After Operation