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Safety Goal – Driplex Couplings reduce hazardous Leakages

Driplex Dry-Break couplings combine faster fluid transfer with environmental and safety benefits. Indian company Driplex Engitech is manufacturing the dry-break couplings, and they are widely used in many oil, gas and chemical companies for handling hazardous or flammable liquids and gases. Dry-break couplings combine rapid operation with negligible product losses and enhanced safety.

The more frequently hoses to be connected and disconnected, the more valuable Dry-Break couplings are. The dry-break couplings reduce losses and enhance safety. Both the halves of Dry-Break couplings are sealed against fluid loss by built-in pistons at the time of disconnection. Driplex Couplings all operate on the same basic principle, in which an initial turn of 15° locks the Couplings halves together and brings the two pistons in contact with each other. As the hose unit of the coupling is turned through a further 90°, its piston moves forward, taking both pistons into the tank unit, This contains a chamber whose diameter is larger than that of the pistons, so that the gas or liquid now immediately starts to flow around the edges of the pistons. On disconnection the process is reversed. Close mating between the two piston surfaces ensures that the loss of fluid on disconnection is minimal – less than half a milliliter on Driplex couplings.

The design of the Driplex Coupling is such that a single rotary motion makes the connection. When connecting the Dry Disconnect Coupling the hose unit with the tank unit. The three rollers engage in the three slots. To allow the hose unit to lock, rotate the hose unit clockwise approximately 90° whilst gently pushing towards the tank unit. To stop the flow and unlock the units, reverse the procedure this design gives the benefit of being able to operate the coupling in confined spaces & reduces the maintenance issues.

Driplex has been supplying DDC Dry – Break couplings to the offshore and port side industries over the years. The construction is so robust that the company has never seen a single failure of coupling during its supply history.

The main requirement for choosing Driplex DDC coupling to the offshore industry are numerous but most users consider the removal of leakages as the primary product advantage. Offshore and port application are increasingly sensitive a leakage problem. Environmental concerns and regulatory compliance are the great motivators in choosing Dry-Break couplings for offshore and port side applications, additionally there are also considerable safety & operational benefits as well in the use of Dry-Break couplings.

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